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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box:
Lot: 1Brass HO: Key B&O P-7D 'Cincinnatian' 4-6-2 Steam Engine & Tender/OBNewOB
Lot: 2Athearn HO Gauge: #3301/3302 Undecorated PA-7/PB-7, #3341/3342 B&O PA-1/PB-1, #4202/3509 B&O GP35 and #9856 B&0 Long Alco5 Obs
Lot: 3Mantua HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Tenders and Rolling Stock Cars/OBs
Lot: 4European Mfgs 1/72 Scale/HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Engine, Cars and Kits/OBs
Lot: 5Bachmann HO Gauge: #40-0150 TGV Hi-Speed French Passenger Train/OB
Lot: 6HO Gauge: 18 Assorted Powered Trolleys and Hand Cars
Lot: 7Revell/Ungar 3/4 Scale Plastic Tots 2 1917 Ford Coupe (1 Kit), #4002 Milk Wagon & Horse and #308 1917 T-Ford (plastic)/OBs
Lot: 8Tinplate Consolidation Freight Ways Truck w/ 2 Trailers
Lot: 9Athearns/Bachman HO Gauge: 2 #740 B&O GP-7, #231 B&O AB Units(Both Power) #3219/3019 B&O AB Units & 2 #3020 B&O AB Units/OBs4 OBs
Lot: 10Lionel HO Gauge: #5701 1957 Train Set/OB
Lot: 11Schuco #1225 Mercer Type 1913, 2 #1227 Old Timer Ford Coupe 1917 and #1228 Opel Wagon 1909/OBs
Lot: 12Athearn HO Gauge: 25 Assorted Rolling Stock Cars (six kit form)/OBs
Lot: 13Athearn HO Gauge: 26 Assorted Box Cars/OBs
Lot: 14AHM HO Gauge: 6 Assorted B&O Engines/OBs5 Obs
Lot: 15Rivarossi/Triang/Other HO Gauge: 5 Assorted European Engines and Tenders
Lot: 167 Assorted Hubley/Gabriel 1:20 Scale Automobile Kits/OBs
Lot: 17Frankonia/Unknown Railway Express Truck, #5027 Volkswagen with Remote Control and Mechanical Fire Engine/OBs
Lot: 18Hubley 1:18/1:22 Scale #4859 Packard Sport Phaeton 1930, #4860 Packard Roadster 1930 and #4868-1000 SJ Duesenberg Town Car Kits/OBs
Lot: 19Aurora AFX HO Gauge: #2340 Saddle Brook 500 Race Set/OB
Lot: 20Model #3 1907 Metal Race Car (25 inches)
Lot: 218 Assorted Scale Ertl/Corgi/Other Fire Trucks and Texaco Tankers/OBs
Lot: 22Fancy Antique Auto Series/Polistil 1:20 Scale #1/2 Model Ford T Automobiles and #750 Suzuki Motorcycle/OBs
Lot: 23Buddy L Harley Davidson Tractor Trailer with Sound
Lot: 24Marx HO Gauge: #16475 Rock Island Switcher Train Set/OB
Lot: 25Brass HO: Westside Southern Pacific GS-4 'Daylight' 4-8-4 Steam Engine & TenderNewOB
Lot: 26Marx/Allstate (Sears Roebuck) HO Gauge: #9942 NH Docksider Electric Train Set/OB
Lot: 2719 Roundhouse HO Gauge: Assorted Pennsylvania and Baltimore Passenger Cars, Reefer and Asst Car Parts/OBs
Lot: 28Roundhouse HO Gauge: Assorted Engines and Cars/OBs5 Obs
Lot: 29Roundhouse HO Gauge: 10 Assorted Pennsylvania Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 30Brass HO: Key Imports NYC 'Empire State' 4-6-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OBNewOB
Lot: 31Marx HO Gauge: Incomplete #17525 New York Central Docksider & tender Train Set/OB
Lot: 32AHM HO Gauge: #5151/5151/102/902/4902 Assorted Engines/OBs2 Obs
Lot: 33Bachmann HO Gauge/1:50 Scale: 12 Assorted Trolleys & Track Cleaner Cars/OBs
Lot: 34Bachmann HO Gauge: 19 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 35Brass HO: MTS B&O Budd RDC-2 /OBNew OB
Lot: 36Bachmann/Life-Like Assorted HO Gauge: 170+ E-Z Track System/Packaged
Lot: 3750+ pieces of Bachmann Track/OBs
Lot: 3826 Assorted 1:43/1:64 Scale Die-cast Vehicles,/OBs
Lot: 394 Fifties Co. 1950's Convertibles/OBs
Lot: 40Brass HO: Challenger GN 4-8-4 'S-2' Glacier Park Steam Engine & Tender/OBNow OB
Lot: 41Assorted Fleischmann/Atlas Controllers & Switch Track/X Track/Obs
Lot: 42N/HO Gauge: Assorted Wood Kits and Decals/OBs
Lot: 43HO Gauge: 16 Assorted Kits/OBs
Lot: 44Bachmann HO Gauge: #00711 Liberty Bell Special Train Set /OB
Lot: 45Marklin HO: 3-Item Intercity Passenger Set/OBNew OBOB
Lot: 46HO Gauge: 72 Assorted Rolling Stock Cars
Lot: 4713 Assorted Corgi 1:64 Scale Double Decker Trolleys/OBs
Lot: 48HO Gauge: 2 B&O Engines and Tenders and 15 Assorted Passenger Cars
Lot: 49Bachmann HO Gauge: Old Time Engine(broken) & Tender, 20 Passenger Cars and 6 Rolling Stock Cars/OBs7 Obs
Lot: 50Brass HO: Challenger PRR K-4 Steam E/T & 3 'Southwind' Passenger Cars/OBNewOB
Lot: 51HO Gauge: European 5 Assorted Engines/Tender and 13 Passenger Cars
Lot: 52Atlas/Hallmark/Other HO Gauge #7094 Baltimore and Ohio Engine, 4 Building Kits and 14 Accessories/OBs
Lot: 53Bachman/Rivarossi HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Steam Engines & Tenders
Lot: 54HO Gauge: 21 Assorted European Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 55Trix/Marlkin HO: 5-Item Rheingold Passenger Set/OBNew OB
Lot: 56Bachmann HO Gauge: 3 Assorted Engines and Tenders, 7 Passenger Cars and Coal Gondola Set/OBs
Lot: 57Roco/Lima/Mainline HO Gauge: #43216/37-078/203016LG Assorted Engines and Tenders/OBs
Lot: 589 Assorted 1:25/1:32 Scale Vehicle Kits/OBs
Lot: 59HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Passenger Cars (one is kit)/OBs
Lot: 60Brass HO: Superb Challenger 5-Item SP 'Morning Daylight' Passenger Car Set/OBNewOB
Lot: 61HO Gauge: 250+ HO Gauge Assorted New Old Stock Parts/OPs
Lot: 62HO Gauge: 58 Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 63HO Gauge: 55+ Assorted Freight Cars
Lot: 64Triang/IHC/Rivarossi HO Gauge: Pa #M9656/5887 Engines and 8 Assorted Passenger Cars/OB
Lot: 65Trix HO: German Railway 'BR 18.4' Steam Engine & Tender/OBNewOB
Lot: 66HO Gauge: 40+ Assorted European Freight Cars
Lot: 67N/HO Gauge: #300 Plymouth Switcher and 39+ Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 68HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Engines and B Unit/OBs
Lot: 69HO Gauge: Assorted Parts
Lot: 70Brass HO: Overland CNJ DR-4-4-1500 'Babyface' Diesel/OB NewOB
Lot: 7180 Assorted Vehicles (plastic, wood & die-cast) for Layout/OBs
Lot: 72Bowser HO Gauge: 6 Assorted Steam Engines and Tenders/OBs
Lot: 73HO Gauge: 30 Assorted Kits and Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 74Bachmann HO Gauge: #00639 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Train Set/OB
Lot: 75Brass HO: Challenger PRR 5-Item 'Southwind' Passenger Car Set/OBNewOB
Lot: 76Bachmann On30 Gauge: #25004 Narrow Gauge Express Train Set/OB
Lot: 777-Vehicle Assortment 1:30 Banks, Fire Truck, Etc.
Lot: 782 Mattel #40700 Master of The Universe Collectibles/Original Cases
Lot: 79L.M. Eddy #601 Chief Engineering Disneyland RR Outfit/OB
Lot: 80Brass HO: Overland Ropck Island 'Jordan Spreader'/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 81Sealed Marx HO Gauge: #6001 Straight Track and 2 #6026/JP-1829 Accessories/OB/Packages
Lot: 82Roth American/Hubley #8141 The 7th Cavalry Set and #271/250 Cap Pistols/OBs
Lot: 83Athearn HO Gauge: 26 Assorted Box Cars/OBs
Lot: 8415 Assorted 1:24 Scale Vehicles
Lot: 85LGB G Scale: #20670 Yellow Switcher/OB
Lot: 86Eligor/Life Like HO Gauge/1:43 Scale: Toys R Us Train Set and 7 Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 87Marx HO Gauge: Green Giant Company Promo Set/OB
Lot: 88Atlas/Tyco 140+ Raceway Track, 4 Controllers and 2 Power Packs/OB
Lot: 89HO Scale: 45 Assorted Cutout Building Kits, 6 Cutout Books and 1 Scenic City Cutout Set
Lot: 90Brass HO: Overland NYC RF-16 A&B-Unit Diesels/OBs Like NewOBs
Lot: 91Lionel HO Gauge: 4 #0564/0575 Santa Fe ABA & AA Units and #0714/0715 Passenger Cars
Lot: 92Marx HO Gauge: 21 Assorted Rolling Stock Cars and 2 pieces of Switch Track
Lot: 93Lionel/Bachman/Others HO Gauge: 22 Assorted Accessories and Rolling Stock Cars/OB/Pkgs
Lot: 948 Lionel HO Gauge: Texas Special Engines and Passenger Cars/OBs2 Obs
Lot: 95LGB G Gauge: #413 Crocodile Electric Engine
Lot: 96HO Scale: 32 Cut and Assemble Building and Villages Booklets
Lot: 97HO Scale: 35 Assorted Buildings/OB
Lot: 98Lionel HO Gauge: 11 Assorted Engines, Cars and Acccessories/OBs
Lot: 99USA Trains G Gauge: #2256 BNSF EMD GP38-2 Engine/OB
Lot: 100Brass HO: Superb Challenger 5-Item NYC 20th Century Limited Passenger Car Set/OBNewOB
Lot: 101LGB G Gauge: #104 Hanomag 0-6-6-0 Steam Engine
Lot: 102Kalamazoo G Gauge: 2 D&RGW Passenger Cars and 2 V&TRR Passenger Cars/OBs
Lot: 103Marx/Tyco HO Gauge: 8 Assorted Engines, a Kit and a Caboose/OB
Lot: 104HO Gauge: 150+ pieces of Fleischmann Track and 42 Packages of Accessories
Lot: 105Marklin 1 Gauge #5500 Spur 1 Train Set/OB
Lot: 10660 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 10774 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 10816 Assorted Scale Vehicles, Car Kit and Billboard/OBs/Tin Container
Lot: 1095 Assorted Marx/Other Accessories and Vehicle/OB
Lot: 110Brass HO: Overland BN SD 70 MAC Diesel/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 111LGB G Gauge: #60 Schoema Engine, #E1 LB.M-ST.E Electric Engine and #4506 Zillertal Engine
Lot: 1127 Assorted Hess Vehicles and Helicopters/OBs
Lot: 11310 Assorted Hess Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 1148 Assorted Hess Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 115Marklin HO: 4-Item 'Pop Car' Passenger Set/OBNewOB
Lot: 1166 Assorted Scale Kits, Boat and Water Slide Decals/OBs
Lot: 1178 Assorted Burago/Solido 1:18/1:24 Scale Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 1184 Assorted Hasbro GI Joe Action Figures and two empty boxes/OBs
Lot: 11915 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 120Brass HO: Overland CSX 'C60AC Diesel/OB Like NewOB
Lot: 1215 Assorted G Scale Plastic Buildings
Lot: 122LGB G Gauge: 6 Assorted Cars
Lot: 123HO Gauge: Western and Atlantic Scenic Track Display
Lot: 124Hobby Horse Products HH-1022 Press Set
Lot: 125Brass HO: Superb Challenger 5-Item NYC 20th Century Passenger Car Set/OBNewOB
Lot: 126Micro-Mark #82959 & #82389 Drill Press and Table Attachments
Lot: 127LGB/Bachmann/Playmobil G Gauge: 5 Assorted Cars/OBs
Lot: 128LGB/Bachmann/Other G Gauge: #3080 Denver and Rio Grande Passenger Car and 7 Assorted Cars
Lot: 129LGB/Rigi G Gauge: 5 Assorted Accessories/OBs
Lot: 130Brass HO: Overland Conrail SD80 MAC Diesel/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 131Pana Press #501/502 and Accessories
Lot: 1326 Assorted Franklin Mint Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 133LGB/Bruder G Gauge: #11 V&T Engine & Tender, Esso Tank Car, #1200 OEG Gravel Car and Pickup Truck
Lot: 1344 Assorted Scale Vehicles, Stress Relief Train and Wood Display/OBs
Lot: 135Marklin HO: Series-1700 Yellow/Gray Electric/OBNewOB
Lot: 13636 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBS/Blister Packs
Lot: 13737 Assorted Scale Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 1388 Assorted Dept. 56 Snow Village and Harley Davidson Buildings and Accessories/OBs
Lot: 1393 MRC #AF100 Tech II Railpower 1400 and 3 Tech #9500 Power Command Train Controller/OBs
Lot: 140Brass HO: Overland Norfolk Southern Dash 9 40CW Diese/OB Like NewOB
Lot: 141HO Gauge: 100+ Assorted Parts
Lot: 142150+ Assorted Action Figures, Trading Cards, Accessories and Parts
Lot: 14315 Assorted Scale Vehicles and Banks/OBs
Lot: 14448 Assorted 1:43 Scale Vehicles/OBs/Plastic Cases
Lot: 145Marklin HO: 218-217 DB Diesel/OBNewOB
Lot: 146Western Hobby Craft O Gauge: #1543 Trolley/OB
Lot: 147LGB G Gauge: #4072-P 01 Colorado Midland Reefer and #820 NY.P.B&W Baggage Car/OB
Lot: 14840+ Assorted Scale Vehicles and Accessories/OBs/Blister Packs/Bag
Lot: 149Brass HO: Overland 175-ft. Riveted Single Track Bridge/OB Like NewOB
Lot: 150HO Brass: Overland 4-8-4 N&W 'J' Steam Engine & Tender/OBNewOB
Lot: 151Rare Rokol HO Gauge: #01140 Santa Fe Super Chief Set/OB
Lot: 15275 Assorted Scale Train Radio, Kits, Ornaments and Vehicles/OBs
Lot: 153Metal Lantern
Lot: 154Cast Iron Engine & Tender and Passenger/Hopper Cars
Lot: 156Interesting HO Group European Bing (US Zone of West Germany)
Lot: 157Interesting Unique Art Wind-Up Tin-Plate Baggage Cart
Lot: 158Nice Lionel-Porter 3-Part Microscope Set/Metal Box
Lot: 159Lionel HO Gauge: #0556/0535/0595 Santa Fe ABA, Power Pack & 9 Cars/OBs8 Obs
Lot: 160Brass HO: Overland NYC P-2 Heavy Electric/OBNewOB
Lot: 161Marklin/Fleishmann HO Gauge Electric Engine, Engine and Tender and 12 Assorted Cars
Lot: 162Marx HO Gauge: #17870 NYC Dockside Train Set/OB
Lot: 163Chein/Unique Art 4-item Tin-Plate Train Group
Lot: 164Marx HO Gauge: Battery Train Set with Whistling Station/OBs
Lot: 165Brass HO: Unusual Railworks NYC Steam Heat Trailer/OBNewOB
Lot: 166Lilliput/Hornby/Triang HO Gauge #60016 British Railways Engine and Tender, 5 Passenger Cars and 8 Freight Cars
Lot: 1673 MTH MT-1027 Street Lights and #07268 Gas Pumps made by Clearbox
Lot: 168Allstate HO Gauge: #9961 Rock Island ABA Train Set/OB
Lot: 169Marx HO Gauge: Assorted Figures
Lot: 170Brass HO: Colorful Overland New Haven DL-109 Diesel/OB NewOB
Lot: 171Lionel HO Gauge: #33001 Railscope Video TV Camera System/OB
Lot: 172Marklin HO: 17-Sections Rare Wooden Base 3 Rail Track
Lot: 173Lionel HO Gauge: 2 #0055 Minneapolis and St. Louis Switchers and 8 Cars
Lot: 174Gilbert HO Gauge: 3 Engines, 9 Cars and 12 Pieces of Track
Lot: 175Brass HO: Overland CNJ 'Royal Blue' G-3 4-6-2 Steam Engine & Tender/OBNewOB
Lot: 1764 Scarce Tootsie Toys #1290 Die-cast Vehicles/Blister Packs
Lot: 177HO Gauge: 9 Assorted Engines and Tenders and twenty-five Cars/OBs
Lot: 178Gilbert HO Gauge: Die-Cast #5318 New York Central Engine and Tender, #2764 RPO and 2 Passenger Cars
Lot: 179N Gauge: 28 Assorted Wooden, Metal and Plastic Miniature Engines, Passenger and Freight Cars
Lot: 180Brass HO: Overland NH EP-5 Electric/OBNewOB
Lot: 181Strafford Metal Diesel Floor Train (broken wheel)
Lot: 182Cast Iron PRR Engine & Tender and 4 Cars
Lot: 1838 Assorted Power Packs/Controllers/OBs
Lot: 18423 Assorted VHS and DVD Train Movies
Lot: 185Brass HO: Overland Long Island CPA 24-5 Diesel/OBNewOB
Lot: 186Cast Iron Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Engine & Tender and 2 Passenger Cars
Lot: 187Interesting Gilbert/AF #575 Children's Typewriter/OB
Lot: 188Dayton Floor Train (made of Wood/Metal)
Lot: 189Cast Iron PRR Engine & Tender and 5 Cars
Lot: 190Brass HO: Superb Challenger 5-Item SP 'Morning Daylight' Passenger Car Set/OBNewOB
Lot: 191Brass HO: Overland Amtrak Superliner II/OBNewOB
Lot: 192Interesting AF #575 Typewriter & Cash Register
Lot: 193Schilling #700 Electric Train Set (comes with extra engine)/OB
Lot: 194Dept 56 #54947 Lionel Electric Train Shop and #55008 Shellys Diner/OBs/Sleeves
Lot: 195O/HO Plasticville: 3 Blister Packs
Lot: 196#6048 Amtrak Battery Powered Train Set, N Gauge Train Set and 4 Accessories/OBs
Lot: 19726 Assorted Die-cast and Resin Figures
Lot: 198Cast Iron PA Lines Engine & Tender and 4 Passenger Cars
Lot: 199Lionel & MTH items
Lot: 200Brass HO: Overland 5-Item Amtrak 'California' Passenger Set/OBsNewOBs
Lot: 201Brass HO: Overland Amtrak Superliner II/OBNewOB
Lot: 2027 Assorted Dept 56/Road Champs Christmas Buildings, Accessories and Delivery Truck in Case/OBs
Lot: 203Ragtime Pneumatic Train Whistle/OB
Lot: 204MTH #40-750 Z-750 Hobby Transformer/OB
Lot: 20522 Assorted Train Books
Lot: 20635 Assorted Hallmark/Lionel Ornaments
Lot: 20713 Assorted Scale Automobiles, 7 Farm Tractors and 5 Tractor Trailers/OB
Lot: 208100+ pieces of Marklin Prewar HO Track
Lot: 2094-item Assorted Motorcycle/Truck Lot/OBsOBs
Lot: 210Assorted Manufactures Baseball Glove and Ball, Drive In Movie Theatre with Film Strips and 2 Cloth Dolls
Lot: 21115 Assorted Train Books
Lot: 212Assorted trees & music box, billboards, tree ornaments, misc items