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Lot #: Title: Condition: Box:
Lot: 1Mint Lionel #18245 Pennsylvania Alco Tuscan PA1-AA Set/OBMint OB
Lot: 2Lionel #1070 Royal Limited Train Set/OBsLike New~OBs
Lot: 36 Assorted Lionel/Nostalgia Train Works Club Freight Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 4Mint Lionel #18353 Pennsylvania Command E-33 Rectifier/OBMint OB
Lot: 5Mint/Sealed Lionel #31708 US Marines Land-Sea and Air Missile Launch Set/OBMint OBs
Lot: 6Mint MTH #30-9102 Operating Fire House/OBMint OB
Lot: 716 Assorted Publishers Railroad Manuals and Train Books
Lot: 88 Assorted Lionel/RMT/Menards Freight Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 9Mint Lionel #18314 (2332 Green) Century Club GG-1 Electric with Display Case/OBMint OBs
Lot: 10Lionel #8406 NYC Die-Cast (783) Steam Hudson W/ Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 11Lionel #1260 Norfolk and Western Continental Limited Train Set/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 12Mint Lionel #12948 Bascule Bridge #313/OBMint OB
Lot: 13Mint Lionel #12982 Culvert Loader, #12983 Culvert Unloader and #19429 Culvert Gondola/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 14Lionel #18313 Pennsylvania (4907) Green Single Stripe GG-1 Electric/OBLike New OB
Lot: 15Mint Lionel #21788 Post-War Celebration US Army #2527 Military Set/OBMint OBs
Lot: 16Mint Lionel #36730 US Army Missile Launching Sounds Car/OBMint OB
Lot: 17Mint Lionel #14105 Operating Aquarium/OBMint OB
Lot: 188 Assorted Lionel/Atlas/Other Cars/OBsExcellent/Like New 3 Obs
Lot: 19Mint Lionel #19896 USMC Missile Launch Sounds Car/OBMint OB
Lot: 20Lionel #18002 NYC 4-6-4 Gray Hudson Engine & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 21Lionel #8150 Green 5 Stripe Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric/OBLike New OB
Lot: 227 Assorted Al-Trol Products Controller and AccessoriesLike New None
Lot: 237 Assorted Lionel NYC Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 24K-Line #K2780-4912IC Pennsylvania Tuscan 5 Stripe GG-1 Electric/OBLike New OB
Lot: 25Lionel #28051 Baltimore & Ohio EM-1 2-8-8-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 26K-Line #K2780-4892IC Pennsylvania Green 5 Stripe GG-1 Electric/OBLike New OB
Lot: 27Mint MTH #30-9106 Esso Operating Gas Station/OB Mint OB
Lot: 28Industrial Rail/MTH #IDM6005 Allied Chemical Tank Car, #IDMU4001 Virginian Hopper, #30-9060 Pennsylvania Industrial Water Tower 193 and #30-90135 Altoona Lighted Billboard/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 29Mint Lionel #38160 Pennsylvania B Green Non-Powered Diesel Unit/OBMint OB
Lot: 30Lionel #18058 NYC 773 Hudson Steam Engine & Tender W/ Display Case/OBLike New OB
Lot: 31Lionel #8260/8262 Southern Pacific Daylight F-3 AA Diesels/OBLike New OB
Lot: 32Lionel #9278 Life Savers Tank Car and #9324 Tootsie Role Tank Car/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 33Lionel 5 #5132 Right Remote Control Switches, #23010 Left Hand Remote Switch, and 2 #5530 Operating Track Sections/OBsLike New 7 OBs
Lot: 34Mint MTH #30-9105 Mel's Operating Drive-In Diner/OBMint OB
Lot: 35Lionel #82973 Pennsylvania (3891) A5 0-4-0 Engine and Tenderl/OBLike New OB
Lot: 36Lionel #8851 New Haven F-3 AA Diesels/OBLike New OB
Lot: 37Pride Lines #792E NYC Rail Chief Colors 6 Piece Streamline Passenger Car SetExcellent Plus None
Lot: 3812 Assorted Lionel TCA/FARR/Club Freight Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 396 Lionel #9570/9571/9572/9573/9574/9575 Pennsylvania Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 40Mint/Sealed Lionel #38151/38152 Platinum Ghost Clear F-3 AA Diesels/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 41Lionel #8003 Chessie Special Berkshire & 5 Passenger Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 42Lionel #19047/19048 Baltimore and Ohio Passenger Cars and 9 Assorted Freight Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 43Mint MTH #30-9104 Speedy Operating Car WashMint OB
Lot: 448 Lionel 40 inch long O Gauge Straight Track PiecesLike New None
Lot: 45Williams #7002 Southern Pacific Cab Forward Engine & Tender/OBExcellent OB
Lot: 46Mint Lionel #11737 TCA 40th Anniversary F-3 ABA Set w/Replacement Cabs/OBLike New OBs
Lot: 47Lionel #12834 Pennsylvania Gantry Crane and 4 #12755 Elevated Trestle Sets/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 4810 Assorted Lionel Cars/Gold OBsLike New 9 OBs
Lot: 49Williams #6010 New York Central 4-8-4 Niagara Steam Engine and Tender/OBsLike New OB
Lot: 50Lionel #21787 New Jersey Central Blue Comet Passenger Train Set/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 51Williams #20303 Chesapeake and Ohio BL-2 Engine, #21107 Reading FM Trainmaster and #1550 Boston & Maine Engine/OBsExcellent/Like New 2 OBs
Lot: 52MTH #550 Die-Cast Station Figures Set of 6/OBExcellent/LN OB
Lot: 53Williams #4305 Pennsylvania F-7 AA Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 548 Assorted Lionel Old-Fashioned Reefers/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 55Mint/Sealed Lionel #18343 2332 Pennsylvania Black GG1/OB Postwar Celebration SeriesMint OB
Lot: 56Lionel #18304/18305 Lackawanna Multiple Unit Commuter Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 57 Lionel #5484 TCA Steam Engine/Tender and 4 TCA Convention Passenger Cars/OBLike New OBs
Lot: 587 Assorted Lionel TTOS Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 59MTH #30-1172-1 Jersey Central 4-6-2 Blue Comet Pacific Steam Engine w/Proto Sound/OBLike New OB
Lot: 60Mint Lionel #51000 The Hiawatha Passenger Set/OBMint OB
Lot: 61Williams #22801 Genesis Amtrak Phase III AA Set/OBLike New OBs
Lot: 62K-Line #K2499-0413 Peabody Coal Co. RS-3 Command Engine/OBLike New OB
Lot: 63Mint Lionel TCA #52062/52085/52106/52143 Streamlined Passenger carsMint OBs
Lot: 64Lionel/K-Line 11 Assorted TCA Cars and #1750 York Rail Engine Shell/OBsLike New 11 OBs
Lot: 65Lionel #18314 Century Club Pennsylvania GG-1 Electric Locomotive w/Display Case/OBsExcellent OBs
Lot: 66Williams #GG-3006 Amtrak GG-1 Silver/Red/Blue Electric/OBLike New Minus OB
Lot: 6713 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike New Minus OBs
Lot: 6816 Assorted Lionel Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 69Williams #4050 Pennsylvania GG-1 Green Five-Stripes Electric/OBLike New OB
Lot: 70MTH #20-2346-1 Western Pacific FT A-B-A Diesel Set with Sound/OBLike New OB
Lot: 71Williams #41704 (4860) Amtrack Diecast GG1 Electric/OBLike New OB
Lot: 72Mint Kalamazoo Trains #1 Gauge TCA Convention Box Car/OBMint OB
Lot: 73Williams #302 Santa Fe Silver/Red F AB Diesel Units/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 74Williams Delaware and Hudson #22609 AA Set, #16 Powered Locomotive, #43117 Streamliner 2 Car Add-On Set and 4 Passenger Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 75MTH #20-3125-1 Southern Pacific (4126) AC-6 Cab Forward Die-Cast Steam Locomotive/OBLike New MinusOB
Lot: 769 Ross Custom Switches Switch Track Pieces/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 77MTH ScaleTrax #45-1052 No. 6 Left Hand Switch Track and 6 #45-1053 No. 6 Right Hand and Switch Tracks/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 78Lionel #8872 Santa Fe SD-18 Engine and 7 Assorted LCCA/TCA Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 798 Assorted Corgi/Lionel Vehicles #3881 Pennsylvania Early Era Inspection Vehicle, Pick-Up Truck and 6 Mack Tanker Trucks/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 80MTH #3982 Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 (3982) Two Tone Gray and Yellow Stripe Challenger Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 81Williams #41807 Pennsylvania Tuscan 5-Stripe GG1 Scale-Length Electric/OBLike New OB
Lot: 8210 Assorted MTH ScaleTrax Switch Track and Accessories/OBsLike New~OBs
Lot: 83Aristo-Craft #RMT-92973 Motorized Speeder, #96873A NY Subway Tank Car and 5 Assorted Towers/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 8416 Assorted Bachmann/K-Line Assorted Cars and Kits/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 85Mint/Sealed Lionel #11713 Santa Fe Limited Diesel Freight Set/OBMint/SealedOBs
Lot: 868 Assorted RMT Engines and Engine Shells/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 87Lionel #8764/8765/8766/8768 BUDD Cars/OBsExcellent~4 OBs~
Lot: 889 Assorted Lionel Accessories and Tractor Trailers/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 898 Assorted Lionel Accessories and Kits/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 90Lionel #18009 New York Central 4-8-2 Mohawk L-3 Class Locomotive with Railsounds/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 91Williams #7322114 3 LV Budd Cars with Horn/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 92Williams #2502 Pennsylvania Tuscan/Black Madison Passenger Set/OB Like New OB
Lot: 932 GarGraves Boxes of Plastic Ties Curved Track (16 Total pieces of Track)/OBs Excellent OBs
Lot: 9424 RCS/Gar Graves Assorted Switches, X Track and Terminal Control Track Sections/OBs/Plastic BagsLike New OBs
Lot: 95Lionel #18343 2332 Pennsylvania Black GG1/OB Postwar Celebration SeriesLike New OB
Lot: 96Williams #2360 Pennsylvania GG1 Maroon Five-Stripe ElectricLike New Minus None
Lot: 97Lionel #18300 Mint Series Pennsylvania GG-1/OBLike New Minus OB
Lot: 98Williams #43162 Pennsylvania Congressional 4 Car Scale Heavyweight Passenger Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 99Mint Williams #40606 Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Baldwin 4-6-0 Engine and Tender/OBMint OB
Lot: 100Lionel #28063 Pennsylvania T1 4-4-4-4 (5511) Duplex Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 101Mint Lionel #28665 LRRC (665) Western Union Berkshire Jr. Engine and Tender/OBMint OB
Lot: 102Mint K-Line #K763-5301 Circus Transport Rail Car, #K4816-30002 Circus Transport Coach and #K4816-30003 Circus Transport Diner Car/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 103K-Line #K-2114 NYC Alco AA Set, #K-2114/K-2115D NYC Alco AA Units, #K-2221 Pa MP-15 Engine and #2105 Pa Alco Non-Powered Engine/OBsLike New 5 OBs
Lot: 1047 Building Kits/OBsLike New/Mint OBs
Lot: 105MTH #30-1401 Southern 4-6-2 Green Die-Cast Steam Engine & TenderOBLike NewOb
Lot: 106Mint Lionel #12948 Bascule Bridge #313/OBMint OB
Lot: 107Warren Street Express 7 Assorted Box Cars/White OBsLike New Minus OBs
Lot: 1089 Assorted K-Line Building and Accessory Kits/ObsLike New OBs
Lot: 109Weaver #1088 NYC FA-2 Diesel Locomotive/OBExcellent Plus~OB
Lot: 110Lionel #31704 Chicago & Alton LTD Train Set/OBLike NewObs
Lot: 111Weaver #6755 Pennsylvania 4-8-2 M1a Steam Engine and TenderM1a Like New Minus None
Lot: 11214 Mint Assorted Bachmann/Plasticville Building Kits/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 1133 GarGraves Boxes Plastic Ties Curved Track (29 Total Pieces of track)/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 114 Lionel #9660 Mickey Mouse Hi-Cube Box Car, #9661 Goofy Hi-Cube Box Car, #9662 Donald Duck Hi-Cube Box Car and #9671 Fantasia Box Car/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 115Mint Lionel #38310 Remake of #2185W NYC F-3 AA 1950 Freight Set/OBMintObs
Lot: 116MTH #500 BW Amtrak GE Dash-8 Diesel Locomotive/Purple OBLike New OB
Lot: 117MTH #30-1256-1 Confederate Army 4-4-0 Pacific Steam Engine and Tender/OBExcellent OB
Lot: 118MTH #30-1142-1 Reading 4-6-0 (650) Camelback Locomotive/TenderExcellentNone
Lot: 119Mint Lionel TCA #1776 Bicentennial Passenger Set #2/OBMintOB
Lot: 120Mint MTH #30-2140-1 NYC Lightning E-8 AA Diesel Engine Set w/Proto Sound/OBMintOB
Lot: 121Lionel #18007 Southern Pacific GS-2 Daylight 4-8-4 Locomotive & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 12218 Assorted K-Line Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 1236 Assorted Williams New York Central Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 124Lionel #8753 Tuscan PA GG-1 Five Stripe Electric/OBLike New Minus OB
Lot: 125Lionel #29122 Phoebe Snow Erie Lackawanna F-3 AB Diesel 4-Car Streamlined Passenger Set/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 126Lionel Classics #13805 (44) Clockwork Speed Boat & Stand/OBLike New OBs
Lot: 127Williams #2540 Amtrak REA and 4 Amtrak Silver Meteor Passenger Cars/OBsLike New Minus OBs
Lot: 1284 GarGraves Boxes of Plastic Ties Curved Track, (34 Total Pieces of track)/OBs Like NewOBs
Lot: 129MTH #2117 Southeastern PA Transportation Authority Electric Street CarLike New Minus None
Lot: 130Lionel #24589 Red/Silver Santa Fe F-3 ABA Command Set/OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 131Mint Lionel #18506 Canadian National BUDD Deluxe Units/OBMint OB
Lot: 132K-Line #503 Santa Fe Scale-Length Vista Dome and Santa Fe Indian Pony Passenger CarsLike New Minus None
Lot: 133MTH #30-2125-0 Delaware & Hudson Alco PA Diesel AA Set and #30-2127-A Delaware & Hudson PA Diesel B Unit/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 134Lionel #18205 Union Pacific (9100) Dash-8 40C Locomotive/OBLike New OB
Lot: 135Mint Lionel #38338 Berkshire (2129WS) Freight Set/OBsMintObs
Lot: 136Lionel #24183 Lionelville Gas Station/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 137Williams #2541 Blue Comet Baggage/RPO and #2542 Blue Comet Diner Car/ObsLike New MinusObs (Re-marked)
Lot: 138Lionel #18411 Canadian Pacific Fire Fighter Car, #12768 Burning Switcher Tower, #24153 RR Control Tower, and #14161 Smoking Hobo Shack/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 139Williams #SD45-218 Wisconsin Central (1724) D-45 Locomotive/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 140Mint/Factory Sealed Lionel #31721 Majestic (13138) GG-1 1963 Freight Set/OBMint/SealedObs
Lot: 141K-Line #K2780-4935 Black-Jack Five Stripe Pennsylvania GG-1 (4935) Command Electric/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 142Mint Williams #43250 Silver Streak Streamliner 3 Car Set (Silver with Dark Gray Roofs) and #43248 2 Car Add-On Set (all Silver with Red Lettering)/OBs Mint Obs
Lot: 1433 Gar Graves Box of Wide-Radius Curved Track/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 1448 Assorted K-Line/Lionel/Other Circus Passenger & Freight Cars/OBsExcellent/Like New 2 OBs
Lot: 145Lionel #31777 MLR #2124W GG-1 Pennsylvania GG-1 Heavuweight Passenger Set PW Conventional Classic/OBMintObs
Lot: 146MTH #30-2515-1 Pennsylvania Green Single Stripe GG-1 Electric Engine with Proto-Sound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 147Williams #4205 New York Central Alco A Diesel and #10633 New York Central Observation Car/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 148Lionel #34124 Lionel Train Shop, #34125 Cotton Candy Shop and #34130 5 & 10 Shop/OBsLike NewObs (Re-marked)
Lot: 149Williams #SG2001 Pennsylvania Green 5 Stripe Scale-Length GG-1 Electric/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 150Lionel #28078 Pennsylvania 2-10-4 Texas (6496) Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 151K-Line #K2780-4892IC KCC Exclusive PRR GG-1 Green Five Locomotive/OBLike New OB
Lot: 152MTH #30-90007 Public Works Building, #30-11012 Crossing Gates and #30-11028 Operating Water Tower/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 153Lionel #18401 Operating Hand Car and 6 Assorted Freight Cars/OBsExcellent/Better6 OBs
Lot: 154Lionel #18302 Great Northern Electric/OB (Fallen Flags)Like New OB
Lot: 155Mint MTH #20-3078-1 Union Pacific FEF 4-8-4 Northern Steam Engine W/ Protosound/OBMintOB
Lot: 156Mint Williams #4054 Pennsylvania GG-1 Tuscan Single Stripe Electric/OBMint OB
Lot: 1579 Assorted Lionel #160xx Series NYC Passenger Cars/ObsLike New OBs
Lot: 158Lionel #16640 Rutland Box Car w/Diesel Sounds and #16649 REA Box Car w/Steam Sounds/OBsLike New~OBs
Lot: 159MTH #30-9114 Operating McDonald Restaurant/OBLike New OB
Lot: 160Mint MTH #20-3030-1 Yellowstone 2-8-8-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OBMint OB
Lot: 161Williams #21715 Wisconsin Central SD-45 Locomotive/OBLike New Minus OB
Lot: 16226 Assorted Ross Custom SwitchesExcellent None
Lot: 16318 Assorted Lionel Cars and Accessories/OBsExcellent/Like New 13 OBs
Lot: 164MTH #3761 Pennsylvania K-4 4-6-2 Steam Engine and TenderExcellent None
Lot: 165Mint Lionel #31747 Pennsylvania Ballast Train/OBsMintOBs
Lot: 166Mint Lionel #29086 Baby Madison Clear 3 Car Set/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 167K-Line #3421 Santa Fe Long Baggage Car and Santa Fe Observation CarLike New Minus~None
Lot: 168Lionel Classic Standard Gauge #13900 (200) Trolley with Reversing Unit and #13901 (201) Trolley Trailer/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 169Lionel/Weaver #18901 Pa Alco AA Set, Sleeper and Combo Passenger Cars and #16094 Full Vista Dome Car/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 170Lionel #18058 NYC 773 Hudson Steam Engine & Tender W/ Display Case/OBLike New OBs
Lot: 171MTH #30-9106 Esso Operating Gas Station/OBExcellent OB
Lot: 172Weaver/MTH/Williams/Other: Baltimore and Ohio Passenger Car and 7 Cars/OBsExcellent/LN 6 OBs
Lot: 173MTH #30-9105 Mel's Operating Drive-In Diner/OBLike New OB
Lot: 174MTH Standard Gauge #10-1211-1 Christmas Passenger Set/OBExcellent OB
Lot: 175MTH #20-3036-1 Norfolk & Western 2-6-6-4 Class A Steamer/OBLike New Minus OB
Lot: 176Mint/Sealed Lionel HO Gauge #2586 Steam American Freedom Train Set/OBMint/Sealed OB
Lot: 177Williams #32007 Chicago & North Western F-7 ABA Locomotives/OB Like New OB
Lot: 1782 Lionel #24112 Oil Field with Bubble Tubes/OBsLike New~OBs
Lot: 179Lionel #19075/19076/19077/19078/29091 Assorted Madison Passenger Cars/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 180MTH #20-3044-1 Union Pacific FEF (844) 4-8-4 Northern Steam Engine W/ Protosound/OBLike New OB
Lot: 181Williams Baltimore and Ohio 5 Car Heavyweight Passenger Set/OBExcellent~OB
Lot: 182Williams #2501 PRR Maroon/Black Madison Passenger Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 183Mint MTH #30-9034 Original McDonalds/OBMint OB
Lot: 184Partially Sealed/Mint Lionel/AF HO Gauge Sears GP Electric Train Set/OBMint OB
Lot: 185MTH #MT-1105 Norfolk & Western J Die-Cast (611) Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 186Mint/Sealed Lionel #1585 75th Anniversary Commemorative Train Set/OBMint OBs
Lot: 187Lionel HO Gauge #2587 American Freedom Also A Train Set/OBExcellent~OB
Lot: 188Mint MTH #30-1075 Operating Semaphore, #MT-1028 Street Lamps 57, and 3 #30-1082 Silver Lamp Sets of 2/OBsMint OB
Lot: 1896 Mint Williams Chicago and North Western Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 190Mint MTH #20-2200-1 Pennsylvania Centipede AA Diesel Set/OB Mint (TR)OB
Lot: 191Scarce Lionel #19099 Pennsylvania Madison Baggage Car/OBLike New Minus~OB
Lot: 1925 Ryd-In Standard Gauge Switch Track(4 R/1 L) plus 4 extra motors/OBsExcellent 2 OBs
Lot: 193Mint Lionel #18447/18454 Red/Blue Executive Inspection Cars/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 194Lionel #12719 Animated Refreshment Stand, #12768 Burning Switch Tower, #12761 Animated Billboard, #22997 Oil Drum Loader/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 195Lionel #31960 Polar Express Steam Passenger Set & Extra #25135 Baggage Car/OBsLike New MinusObs
Lot: 196MTH #20-6671 Atlantic Coast Line Sleeper/Diner Set/OBMintOb
Lot: 197#1444 Union Pacific Engine, 2 #1071 Jersey Central Diesel Switchers, #6 Rio Grande Doodle Bug, and #2 RMT Yard DieselExcellent None
Lot: 198Lionel Fastrack: 18 Long Straight Pieces and 3 CurvedExcellentNone
Lot: 199MTH #20-1117LP Chesapeake and Ohio 2-6-6-6 Articulated Steam Engine and Tender with Proto-Sound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 200Mint MTH #20-3035-1 C&O 4-8-4 Greenbriar (614) Steamer Engine & Tender W/ Protosound/OBMint OB
Lot: 201MTH #7080 General Electric Seaboard Coast Line C30-7 Diesel Locomotive with Proto-Sound/OBLike New OB
Lot: 202Williams #M1019 Baltimore and Maine 4 Car Heavyweight Passenger Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 2035 Assorted Williams Pennsylvania Passenger CarExcellent~None
Lot: 204M.O.W. Equipment #G-2000 Trackman Track Cleaning Unit/OBLike New OB
Lot: 205Mint MTH #20-3028-1 Jersey Central Blue Comet 4-6-2 (833) Steam Engine & Tender/OBMint OB
Lot: 206MTH #20-2195-1 New Haven EP-5 Electic Engine w/Proto Sound/OBLike New OB
Lot: 207Lionel/MTH #9584 Chessie Passenger Car, 9 Freight Cars/Tractor Trailer and Accessory/OBLike NewObs
Lot: 208Lionel/MTH #9520/9526/9526/9535 TTOS Passenger Cars, 40th Anniversary Box Car, #1 I Love Toy Trains Engine and #30-7754 I Love Toy Trains Caboose/OBsLike New6 OBs
Lot: 209MTH #20-5510-1 Pennsylvania P5a Modified Electric (4777) Engine with Proto-Sound/OBLike New OB
Lot: 210Mint MTH #30-2701-E Santa FE F-3 ABA/ 4 SF Streamlined Passenger Cars Boxed Set/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 211MTH #MT-2111L Burlington (374) EMD SD-9 Diesel/OBLike New OB
Lot: 21211 Lionel/MTH Assorted Freight CarsExcellent`1 OB
Lot: 2132 Mint Lionel #14092 Floodlight Towers/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 214#6124 Union Pacific Switcher, 10 Cars and 8 Accessories/OBsExcellent2 Obs
Lot: 215MTH Southern Pacific Alco PA AA Diesel Set w/Horn/OBLike New OB
Lot: 216Mint Lionel #15588 Southern Heavyweight Scale-Length Passenger Cars Set of 4/OBMint OBs
Lot: 217Mint MTH #MT-5501LP (4876) Scale Pennsylvania Tuscan 5 Stripe GG1 Electric w/Proto Sound/OBMint OB
Lot: 218Mint MTH #20-5508-1 New Haven E-33 Rectifier Electric Engine w/ Proto Sound/OBMint OB
Lot: 219Mint Lionel #18007 Southern Pacific GS-2 Daylight 4-8-4 Locomotive & Tender/OBMint OB
Lot: 220MTH #20-3316-1 Atlantic Coast Line 4-8-4 Northern Steam Engine and Tender with Proto-Sound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 221K-Line #K3270-0001 NYC 20th Century Hudson Command Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 222Mint MTH #MT-6112 B&O Blue & Yellow 60 ft. Streamlined Set/OBMint OB
Lot: 223Mint Lionel #25420 Pennsylvania Trail Blaze 18 Aluminum Maroon/Black Passenger Car 2 Pack/OBMint OBs
Lot: 224Mint Weaver #2044 Great Northern R-2 2-8-8-2 Engine Engine & Tender/OBMint OB
Lot: 225Mint Lionel #21786 Santa Fe Limited Production ABBA F-3 Locomotives and 7 Streamlined Passenger Cars Set/OBsMintObs
Lot: 226Lionel #18002 NYC 4-6-4 Gray Hudson Engine & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 227MTH #20-2088-3 Atlantic Coast Line F-3 B Unit/OBLike New OB
Lot: 228Mint/Sealed Lionel #15517 Crescent Limited Scale 2 Car Heavyweight Passenger Set/OBMint OB
Lot: 229K-Line #21326 PRR Interurbans 2-Pack and #K-2780-0001 PRR Interurban Powered Passenger Car/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 230Lionel #18005 New York Central 1-700E 4-6-4 Hudson Engine and Tender with Display Case/OBLike NewOBs
Lot: 231Mint MTH #30-1327-1 Erie 2-8-8-8-2 Triplex Steam Engine & Tender w/Proto Sound and #30-67584 Erie 4 Car Streamline Passenger Car Set/OBsMintOBs
Lot: 232MTH #MT-6507 Pennsylvania 5-pack of Scale Maroon/Black Streamline Passenger Cars/OBLike New OB
Lot: 233Mint K-Line #K6252-8011 Keystone Coal Company Die-Cast 2 Bay Hoppers (4 Pack)/OBsMintOBs
Lot: 234Mint MTH #30-2141-1 Southern Pacific F-3 AA Diesel Set with/Protosound/OBMintOB
Lot: 235 MTH #61 Union Pacific Veranda Turbine Engine and Tender/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 236Lionel #18011 Chessie T-1 4-8-4 Engine and Tender/OBLike NewOB (7)
Lot: 237Mint Lionel #14518 Canadian Pacific F-3 B Non-Powered Unit/Command & Railsounds/OBMintOb
Lot: 238MTH #20-4060 Pennsylvania Scale-Length Madison Passenger 5 Car Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 239Mint/Sealed Lionel #11934 Virginian Rectifier Freight Set/OBMint OBs
Lot: 240K-Line #K-1136W Western Pacific The Exposition Flyer Steam Passenger Set/OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 241Mint MTH #30-1618-1 Southern Pacific Daylight (4435) Large Letters 4-8-4 Steam Engine & Tender/OBMint OB
Lot: 242Mint MTH #30-2361-1/30-2361-3 Wisconsin Central SD-45 Power Diesel Engine & Non Power Unit/OBsMintOBs
Lot: 243MTH #MT-6008 B&O Cincinnati Passenger 5 Car Streamlined Set/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 244Lionel #18030 Frisco 2-8-2 Mikado (4100) Steam Locomotive & Tender/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 245Mint Lionel #31777 MLR #2124W GG-1 Pennsylvania Heavyweight Passenger Set/OBMint OB
Lot: 246Mint Lionel #39099 Chicago and Alton Heavyweight 2 Car Passenger Set/OBMintObs
Lot: 247Mint MTH #20-6565 Baltimore and Ohio 5 Car Scale-Length Streamlined Passenger Set/OBMintOb
Lot: 248Mint MTH #20-6628 Texas Special 2 Car Long Passenger Set/OBMint OB
Lot: 249Lionel #18002 NYC 4-6-4 Gray Hudson Engine & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 250Lionel #31712 Union Pacific 50th Anniversary Alco ABA Diesels & 7 Streamlined Passenger Cars Limited Set/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 251MTH #30-1465-1 Santa Fe 4-8-4 Northern Steam Engine & Tender w/Proto Sound/OBLike New OB
Lot: 252Lionel #29105 Pennsylvania Aluminum Passenger Tuscan/Black Smooth-sided 4-Car Scale Length Set/OBLike NewOBs
Lot: 253Mint MTH #20-6552 Milwaukee Road Hiawatha Colors Streamlined Passenger 5 Car Set/OBMintOb
Lot: 254Williams #2514 C&O Madison Scale Length 5 Car Passenger Set/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 255MTH #20-3045-1 New York Central 4-6-4 Dreyfuss (5445) Steam Engine and Tender/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 256K-Line #K3270-5343S (5343) New York Central Scale Hudson Engine and Tender/OBLike NewOBs
Lot: 257MTH #20-66135 Pennsylvania Streamlined Sleep/Diner Marroon/Black Smooth Sided Streamlined Passenger Set/OBMintOB
Lot: 258Mint MTH #20-4126 NYC TT Grey 2 Car ABS Gray/Black Combine/Diner Passenger Ser/OBMintOBs
Lot: 259Mint Lionel #51300/51501/51401/51701 Semi-Scale Freight Cars/OBsMintOBs
Lot: 260Mint Lionel #18005 New York Central 1-700E 4-6-4 Hudson Engine and Tender with Display Case/OBMintOBs
Lot: 261Lionel Classics: #31771 Pre War Celebration No. 267W Flying Yankee Outfit/OBLike New MinusOB
Lot: 262Mint MTH #20-4162 Boston & Maine 2 Car Maroon/Black Madison Combine/Diner Passenger Set/OBMintOB
Lot: 263MTH #MT-6117 Pennsylvania Aluminum Maroon/Black Smooth Sleeper/Diner Set/OBExcellent Plus OB
Lot: 264Williams #00341 E-Z Street Expressway Set/OBLike New MinusOB
Lot: 265Mint Lionel #18000 Diecast Pennsylvania Scale (8977) B6 Steam Switcher & Tender/OBMintObs
Lot: 266Lionel #18870 Pennsylvania G-9 Command Diesel Engine/OBLike NewOB/ (7)
Lot: 267MTH #MT-6017 Pennsylvania Aluminum Maroon/Black Smooth-Sided Passenger 4 Car Set/OBExcellent PlusOB
Lot: 268K-Line #K-4880A Pennsylvania Broadway Limited 4 Pack Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBLike New OB
Lot: 269Mint Lionel #14564 F3B Canadian Pacific Powered B Unit Diesel/OBMintOB
Lot: 270Mint Lionel #28099 JLC Series Challenger 4-6-6-4 Black/Gray/Yellow Steam Locomotive & Tender/OBMintOB
Lot: 271MTH #20-5510-1 Pennsylvania P5A Modified Electric (4777) Locomotive w/Proto Sounds/OB Like NewOb
Lot: 272MTH #30-2527-0 Pennsylvania E-33 Electric Green Rectifier w/Loco Sound/OBLike New PlusOB
Lot: 273MTH #MT-2120LP Jersey Central (2339) FM Trainmaster/OB Like NewOB
Lot: 274K-Line #K375-1601S C&O (1601) Allegheny 2-6-6-4 Locomotive & Tender/OBLike New MinusOB
Lot: 275Mint/Sealed Lionel #31704 The Alton Limited Heavyweight Passenger Set/OBMint/SealedOBs
Lot: 276Lionel #18002 NYC 4-6-4 Gray Hudson Engine & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 277Lionel #39106 Canadian Pacific 2 Car Passenger PW Celebration Set/OBMintOBs
Lot: 278Mint Lionel #17511 Western Maryland Flat Cars w/Logs/OBsMint OBs
Lot: 279Mint Lionel #14133 Hobby Shop/OBMintOBs
Lot: 280Mint Lionel #51000 The Hiawatha Passenger Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 281Lionel #28088 Norfolk and Western A Class Auxiliary Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 282Lionel #38152 F-3 A Non-Powered Clear Cab/OBLike New OB
Lot: 283Mint MTH #20-4021 Jersey Central Blue Comet Scale 5 Car Heavyweight Passenger Set/OBMintOB
Lot: 284Mint MTH #20-90217 Santa Fe Steel Sided Reefer 6-Car Set, OBMintONs
Lot: 285Lionel #38057 Weyerhaeuser Timber Company Shay Locomotive & Tender/OBLike New OB
Lot: 286Mint MTH #20-4021 Jersey Central 5 Car Scale Madison Passenger SetMintOB (7)
Lot: 287MTH #20-65044 New York Central Gray/Black Scale 5 Car Streamlined Passenger Set/OBLike NewOb (7)
Lot: 288Mint MTH #20-2029-3 Southern Pacific Alco Powered B Unit/OBMintOb (7)
Lot: 289Lionel #17147 C&O 6-Pack Hoppers w/Coal Loads/OBsLike New OBs
Lot: 290Mint/Sealed Lionel #21759 Post-War Celebration CP Passenger Set/OBMint OBs
Lot: 291Williams #F7106 Missouri Pacific F-7 AA Diesel Set/OBLike New Minus~OBs
Lot: 292MTH #MT-6012 Baltimore and Ohio Scale Aluminum 5 Car Smooth-Sided Passenger Set/OBMint OB
Lot: 293Lionel #36927 B&O Die Cast (6) Hoppers/OBLike New OBs
Lot: 294MTH #20-4121 Jersey Central Blue Comet Combine/Diner 2 Car Heavyweight Scale Length Set/OBLike New OB
Lot: 295Lionel #18009 New York Central (3000) 4-8-2 Mohawk L-3 Class Locomotive with Railsounds/OBLike New OB
Lot: 296Lionel N&W #39043 Baggage, #39044/39045 Coach Cars, and #39046 Observation Maroon/Black Scale Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 297Lionel #19897 New York Central Command Crane Car/OBLike New OB
Lot: 298MTH #30-1125-1 Southern Crescent Engine and Tender with Proto-Sound/OB Like NewOb
Lot: 299MTH #20-5507-1 New York Central 4-6-6-4 Box Cab Electric w/Proto Sound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 300Lionel #28063 Pennsylvania T1 4-4-4-4 (5511) Duplex Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 301Lionel #28639 New York Central Berkshire Engine and Tender/OB Like NewOB
Lot: 302Lionel #18309 Reading Fairbanks Trainmaster FM Engine/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 303Lionel #8702 Southern Crescent Engine/Tender and 6 Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 304Mint Lionel #38038 Rio Grande Challenger Auxiliary Tender/OBMint OB
Lot: 305Mint Lionel #21955 Rio Grande F-3 AA Passenger Set/OBsMintOBs
Lot: 306Mint Lionel Modern #(3854) Semi-Scale Merchandise Car/OBMintOB
Lot: 307Lionel #15542 Santa Fe Heavyweight Scale Passenger 2-Car Heavyweight Set/OBExcellent PlusOBs
Lot: 308MTH #30-2181-1 Seaboard E-8 AA Diesel Set W/ Protosound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 309 MTH #20-4131 Union Pacific Yellow/Gray Scale Madison Sleeper/Combo Heavyweight Passenger Set/OBExcellentOB
Lot: 310Lionel #28016 Command Southern 4-6-2 Pacific Steam Engine and Tender/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 311Lionel #38015 (773) Hudson Steam Engine & Tender Like NewNone
Lot: 312Mint Lionel #8101 Chicago and Alton Steam 6 Car Passenger Train Set/OBsMintObs
Lot: 313Mint Lionel #81671 Union Pacific (8080) Steam 0-8-0 Steam Switcher and Oil Tender/OBMintOb
Lot: 314Williams #AC103 Union Pacific Alco Diesel AA Yellow/Gray Units/OBExcellent Plus~OB
Lot: 315Mint Lionel #38308 (2146WS) 726 Berkshire Madison Heavyweight Passenger Set/OBsMintOBS
Lot: 316Mint Lionel #39106 Canadian Pacific 2 Pack Post-War Set/CM & BM Pullmans/OBMintObs
Lot: 317Mint Lionel #39082 Central New Jersey Blue Comet 2 Car Scale Heavyweight Passenger Set/OBMintObs
Lot: 318Lionel #15554 Pennsylvania Heavyweight 3-Pack of Passenger Cars/OBLike NewObs
Lot: 319Lionel Spirit of 76 15 Piece Bicentennial Set and extra Engine/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 320Mint MTH #20-3028-1 Jersey Central Blue Comet 4-6-2 Steam Engine & Tender/OBMintOB
Lot: 321Lionel #18116 Erie Lackawanna PA-1 AA Set/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 322Lionel #51300 Semi-Scale Shell Tank Car, #51401 Pennsylvania Box Car, #51501 Baltimore and Ohio Hopper and #51701 New York Central Caboose/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 3233 Lionel #15558 Pennsylvania (3473) Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 324Mint MTH #30-1149-1 Pennsylvania S-2 Turbine Engine & Tender w/Proto Sound/OBMintOB
Lot: 325MTH #20-2199-1 Southern Pacific Daylight F-3 ABA Diesel Set/OBLike New MinusOB
Lot: 326Mint Lionel #38339 2505W Virginian Rectifier Freight Set/OBsMinObs
Lot: 327Mint MTH Standard Gauge #10-1175 Terra Cotta/Brass 4 Car Transition Series Ives Tinplate Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs
Lot: 328Mint #30-8008 Western Maryland 4-Bay Die-Cast Hopper w/Coal Load 6 Car Set/OBMintObs
Lot: 329Lionel #19079 Four Pack NYC Heavyweights Scale Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs
Lot: 330Mint MTH Die-Cast #1396 Southern Crescent Limited 4-6-2 Green Pacific Steam Engine and Tender/OBMint OB
Lot: 331MTH #MT-2083LP/MT-2091L Western Maryland F-3 ABA Diesel Engines/OBsLike NewOBs
Lot: 332Mint MTH #20-90248 Skeleton Flat Car w/Logs 6 Car Set/OBMintOb
Lot: 333MTH #40-4000 Z-4000 Transformer/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 334MTH #20-2689-1 Western Maryland BL-2 Diesel with Proto-Sound/OBLike New MinusOB
Lot: 335Mint Lionel #38338 (2129WS) Berkshire Freight Train Outfit/OBsMintObs
Lot: 336MTH #30-1162-1 Pennsylvania 4-6-2 K-4s Pacific Steam Engine & Tender/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 33711 Assorted MTH Western Maryland Freight Cars/Yellow OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 338MTH #30-40211A/30-2133/30-2137 Santa Fe F-3 ABA Red/Silver Units/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 3395 Assorted MTH Santa Fe Red-Stripe Streamlined Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 340Mint Lionel #18006 Reading T-1 4-8-4 Engine and Tender/OBMint OB
Lot: 341Mint MTH #20-3192-1 Western Maryland 3 Truck Shay Steam Engine & Tender w/ Proto sound/OBMintOb
Lot: 342MTH #30-2714-1 Western Maryland GP-9 Engine with Proto-Sound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 343MTH #30-1164-1 Pennsylvania 2-8-2 L-1 Mikado Steam Engine & Tender w/Proto Sound/OB Like NewOb
Lot: 344MTH #30-6904 Pennsylvania 4 Car Passenger Set and #30-6905 Pennsylvania Combine/Diner Set/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 345Mint Lionel #11722 Pink Girl's Steam Freight Set/OBsMintOBs
Lot: 346MTH #30-2236-1 Western Maryland RS-3 Diesel Engine w/Proto Sound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 347MTH #20-2821 Western Maryland F-3 ABA Diesel Engine Set/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 348MTH #20-3166-1 Western Maryland 2-8-0 H-9 Consolidation Steam Engine & Tender w/Proto Sound/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 349Mint MTH #MT-2126LP Boston & Maine EMD F-3 AA Diesel Set/OBMintOb
Lot: 350Lionel #38093 Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 Challenger Gray/Black/White Steam Locomotive & Tender/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 351Lionel #18116 Erie Lackawanna PA-1 AA Diesel Set/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 352 Lionel #39104 Erie Lackawanna Pocono Passenger Car w/Station Sounds/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 353MTH #30-2543-1 Western Maryland VO-1000 Diesel Switcher/OBExcellent~OB
Lot: 354Mint MTH #30-9112 Operating Fire House/OBMintOB
Lot: 355Lionel #18009 New York Central 4-8-2 Mohawk L-3 Class Locomotive with Railsounds/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 356MTH Standard Gauge #240 Ives Prosperity Pullman CarLike NewNone
Lot: 357Mint MTH #30-1093 Banjo Signal, #30-1074 Automatic Highway Signal, #30-1103 7 Light Block Signal, and #30-40590 Getty Oil Derrick/OBsMintOBs
Lot: 358Mint MTH #30-9031 Pennsylvania Switch Tower, #30-9051 Myerstown Passenger Station and #30-9139 Farm House on Fire/OBsMintOBs
Lot: 35913 Mint Assorted MTH Cars/Purple OBsMintOBs
Lot: 360Lionel #18056 New York Central 763E Steam Engine and Vanderbilt Tender/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 361Lionel #2332-275 Modern Pennsylvania GG-1 Green Five-Stripe Electric/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 362Lionel #2379 Rio Grande AB Units (R)ExcellentNone
Lot: 363Mint Lionel #38340 (1587S) Girls Train Set/OBMintOBs
Lot: 364Mint MTH #MT-6002 Rio Grande Painted 5 Car Streamlined Passenger Set/OBMintOB
Lot: 365Mint/Sealed Lionel (31758) #2270W Command Jersey Central FM Passenger Set/OBsMint/Sealed`OBS
Lot: 366Mint Lionel #27917 2550 B&O Mail/Baggage BUDD Car/OBMintOB
Lot: 367Williams #2700 New York Central Scale Madison 5 Car Passenger Set/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 368Mint/Sealed Lionel #35413 Lionel Lines PWC Aluminum Passenger 2 Pack/OBMintObs
Lot: 369Mint Lionel #39099 Chicago and Alton Scale Heavyweight 2 Car Passenger Set/OBMintObs
Lot: 370Mint MTH #30-1531 Erie Triplex 2-8-8-8-2 Speciality Freight Set w/Proto Sound/OBMintOBs
Lot: 371Mint Lionel #28069 NYC Niagara CCII 4-8-4 Engine & Tender/OBMintOb
Lot: 372Williams 2540/2543/2544/2545 Assorted New York Central Scale Heavyweight Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 373Mint Lionel Rio Grande 4-6-4 Hudson Engine and Tender Display Case/OBMintOb
Lot: 374MTH Die-Cast #MT-5501LP Tuscan Five Stripe Scale Pennsylvania GG-1 with Proto-SoundLike NewOb
Lot: 375MTH #20-2236-1 Erie E-8 ABA with Proto-Sound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 376Mint Lionel #38324 2507W New Haven F-3 Freight Set/OBsMint/SealedOBs
Lot: 377MTH #20-80002A Santa Fe Clear Cab F-3 ABA Engines Set/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 378Mint K-Line #K614-8013A Rarit├Ąt Cooper Works 4 Pack Set/OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 379Mint Lionel #51201 4-pack Rail Chief Streamline Passenger Cars/OBMintOB
Lot: 380MTH #20-2219-1 Santa Fe F-3 ABA Blue/Yellow Set with Proto-Sound/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 381Mint Lionel #19087 C & O Heavyweight 4 Car Scale Madison Passenger Set/OBsMintObs
Lot: 382Mint MTH #30-8011 Die Cast Peabody 4 Bay Hopper w/coal Load 6 Pack/OBMintOb
Lot: 383Mint Lionel #39151 Post War Celebration Canadian Pacific Aluminum Passenger 2 Pack/OBMintOBs
Lot: 384Mint MTH #30-8004 Union Pacific 4 Bay Die-Cast Hoppers Set of 6/OBMintOB
Lot: 385MTH #MT-550LP PA GG-1 Tuscan Five Stripe Scale Electric Locomotive/OBExcellent PlusOB
Lot: 386Mint Lionel #39082 Central New Jersey Blue Comet 2 Pack Passenger Cars/OBsMintObs
Lot: 387K-Line #22140 CNJ Boxcab Diesel Locomotive and 6 Assorted Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 388Lionel #8702 Southern Crescent Engine/Tender and 6 Passenger Cars/OBsLike NewObs
Lot: 389Mint Lionel TCA #1776 Bicentennial Passenger Set #2/OBMintOB
Lot: 390MTH #20-2169-1 Rock Island ABA Set with Proto-Sound/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 391Lionel #18107 Denver & Rio Grande P-1 ABA Set/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 392Lionel Display Case/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 393Lionel #15526 Santa Fe Heavyweight 4 Car Scale Green/Black Passenger Set/OBLike NewOBs
Lot: 394Lionel 16 Inch Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio RS-3 Diesel Display Case/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 395Lionel #28072 NYC Hudson J3A 4-6-4 (5444) Steam Engine & Tender/OBExcellent PlusOB
Lot: 396Mint/Sealed Lionel #11020 Harry Potter Hogwarts Express/OBMint/SealedOB
Lot: 397Weaver Delaware and Hudson 5 Car Passenger Set/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 398Mint MTH Standard Gauge #423 Nickel Halley Passenger Car/OBMintOB
Lot: 399Mint MTH #20-80007A Pennsylvania 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Engine & Tender w/Proto Sound/OBMintOb
Lot: 400MTH #20-3024-1 Die-Cast Norfolk & Western Steam Engine & Tender w/Proto Sound/OBExcellent PlusOB
Lot: 401MTH #20-80002 Santa Fe Clear Body F3 ABA Set/OBLike NewOB
Lot: 402MTH #MT-4019 NYC Madison Green/Black 5 Car Scale Passenger Set/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 403MTH #30-6902 Jersey Central Madison Combine/Diner Scale Passenger Car 2-Pack/OBLike NewOb
Lot: 404Williams #2404 Southern Crescent Scale Madison Passenger Car Set/OBLike NewOb